Berce Sezer

Based in East London.

Teaches a Hatha Yoga practice. 


Berce was first introduced to yoga when she joined her university’s yoga club and after falling in love with the practice (and her instructors), she took on the role as their president. In the subsequent year, she went on to teach for the club and for wellbeing-centred programmes on campus. She will always appreciate the way her university provided yoga in such an affordable and accessible way to its students.


Acknowledging how modern day yoga can come across as expensive and intimidating, her aim has been to always stay true to her intentions of making her yoga affordable and accessible to everyone. Her classes are open to all levels and abilities. 


"I absolutely love Berce's yoga classes throughout the pandemic have provided a firm structure for my self growth. Her teaching style is so calming but similarly encourages me to push myself with each lesson. I would highly recommend Berce as a yoga instructor and lovely person (and have done so already) as she carries such inspiring energy to every lesson!"

                                                                        - Hannah


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